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Toy Story 1995 In Urdu English Free Download Torrent

Toy Story 1995 cover

Toy Story (1995)

 -  Animation | Adventure | Comedy  -  22 November 1995 (USA)
Ratings: 8.3/10 from 333,859 users   Metascore: 92/100
Reviews: 291 user | 150 critic | 16 from
A cowboy doll is profoundly threatened and jealous when a new spaceman figure supplants him as top toy in a boy's room.
John Lasseter
John Lasseter (original story), Pete Docter (original story)
Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles


"Toy Story", the landmark movie that ushered animation into the computer age, is still a bona fide family classic- and funny as all get-out to boot. This superb package brings it all back, both the movie itself and an Al's Toy Barn full of bonuses.

First things first- the movie looks and sounds fantastic!

I don't have one of those flashy home-theater outfits, but this digital print shows off some great color, with the various toy characters in pristine, bright glory. Sound master Gary Rydstrom upgraded the soundtrack to the point where you can hear the click of the tiny toy soldiers. Best of all, you don't need a 50-inch screen or ultra-Dolby amp to enjoy this newer-than-new view.

The movie, of course, introduced a new, innovative animation outfit called Pixar to the world- and what a job they did on this first feature effort! Woody and Buzz Lightyear, of course, are icons to kids of all ages, but all the other members of the "Andy's Room" community were great- and funny. Mr. Potato Head (voiced by Don Rickles), Rex the dinosaur (Wallace Shawn) and even the little green Army sergeant (war-movie vet R. Lee Ermey) are just a few of these classic inanimate objects turned flesh-and-blood- well, almost- characters.

The storyline- a combination of buddy comedy, toy fair, sci-fi flick and domestic sitcom (to name a few elements) is, in its own way, as multi-layered and satisfying as the most mature adult dramas. From the moment all the toys come to life when Andy's away to a great exit line when the toys learn about his latest surprise gift, you're drawn in to this unusual world that's as striking now as it must have been a decade ago.

Disc 1 has both the movie and a new feature with both the Pixar team and a few others (Chris "Robots" Wedge, George Lucas, Roy Disney) offering their views on what "Toy Story" did to transform the entire animation genre. It's Disc 2, however, that has the goods- a couple of dozen features, clips and art galleries that literally break down the walls and give both the kid/family core crowd and the animation scholar a remarkable look at how much effort goes into this sort of film. The fact that Pixar and the CGI form themselves were in their infancy at the time only enhances just what great craftsmen these people are.

After an entertaining coffee-talk session involving Pixar's "four horsemen"- the core writer/artist/director/geeks who helmed every future project up to "The Incredibles"- we can check out everything from sequence development, sketch to full-on; galleries on characters like Woody and Buzz set to music; a multi-language sequence (from Finnish to Chinese to Turkish!); even Randy Newman's original piano-and-voice (and he's a fantastic piano player!) demo score. Nothing- I say, nothing- is out of place.

"Toy Story" is simple enough to be an ideal choice for a "child's first movie" yet sophisticated enough to give the serious cineaste plenty to study. It's as witty as the best literate comedies and as warm as an old-style family saga. It proved that top-drawer stars could also be great voice actors, and it entered a child's world with a fresh, not-so-"kiddie" angle. It balanced off sweet little Andy with mad-scientist Sid (his mutant monster-movie toy creations are a show in themselves)

in a great show of kids with personality. And it established Pixar as the flagship of animated features- again, it's incredible that this was their first!

"Toy Story", the super-deluxe edition, is a must for any animation buff, family with kids, or just about anyone who loves movies. I'm already on line for the upcoming (New Year's) "Toy Story 2" set, which will give its equally-great sequel (dare I say the "Godfather" and "Godfather II" of animation?) the format it deserves. With any luck, "Toy Story" will be one of the best-loved movies.

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