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An American Tail 1986 Urdu English Free Download

An American Tail 1986

An American Tail (1986)

U  |   |  Animation, Comedy, Drama  |  24 July 1987 (UK)
Ratings: 6.9/10 from 35,500 users  
Reviews: 76 user | 19 critic

While emigrating to the United States, a young Russian mouse gets separated from his family and must relocate them while trying to survive in a new country.
Don Bluth
Judy Freudberg (screenplay), Tony Geiss (screenplay)
Dom DeLuise, Christopher Plummer, Erica Yohn                      

The film begins in the small Russian village of Shostka as the camera zooms in on the Moskowitz house. Then, the camera pans down to a tiny door marked Mousekewitz, the dwelling of a mouse family that includes Papa (voiced by Nehemiah Persoff), Mama (voiced by Erica Yohn), their son, Fievel (voiced by Phillip Glasser), their daughter, Tanya (voiced by Amy Green), and a baby, Yasha. Inside their tiny living quarters, Papa plays his violin while Mama takes care of the baby. Fievel comes running into the room asking about Hanukkah presents.

 Papa presents Tanya with a new babushka and gives Fievel a new hat (Papas hat that has been passed down from father to son for generations). The hat is far too big, but the boys mother tells him he will grow into it. As part of their Hanukkah celebration, the Mousekewitz children encourage Papa to tell them the story of the Giant Mouse of Minsk, who was as tall as a tree and scared all the cats. Mama doesnt like even a mention of the word "cats," and asks them to talk about something else. The children want to hear about America, which Mama thinks is just another fairy tale, but Papa appears to drift off into a dream world as he talks about the opportunity of a new and better life in America where mouse holes are everywhere, bread crumbs are on every floor, mice can say anything they want, and, he knows for a fact, there are not cats. 

Just then, they are attacked. Humans and mice run from their homes as the Cossacks attack the humans and their homes, while the "Catsacks" attack the mice and their dwellings. Brave little Fievel tries to scare the cats away by banging loudly on a skillet with a spoon, but he is chased and almost killed by the cats. Suddenly, the pogram is over and the Cossacks and Catsacks withdraw. Afterwards, as they survey the damage, Papa whispers, "In America, there are no cats." The scene shifts to a Hamburg, Germany shipyard where a band plays an oom-pah tune as the mice, including the Mousekewitz family, climb a rope to board a ship bound for America. Fievel creates problems with his wide-eyed wonder and constant questions.        

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