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Kung Fu Panda 2008 Urdu English Free Download Torrent

Mark Osborne
John Stevenson
Jonathan Aibel (screenplay) &
Glenn Berger (screenplay) ...
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Release Date:
11 July 2008 (Pakistan)
Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy
In the Valley of Peace, Po the Panda finds himself chosen as the Dragon Warrior despite the fact that he is obese and a complete novice at martial arts.
Nominated for Oscar. Another 15 wins & 23 nominations


Kung Fu Panda delivers a fun story, unique characters, and animation that is, in the words of Po, AWESOME! The fast-paced animated action immerses viewers in an Asian-inspired world where talking animals revere the ancient tradition of kung fu. Although the story is predictable, the movie is still interesting and funny for both parents and kids. However, expect that small children may leave the theater screaming "Hi-ya!" and hitting or kicking anything they can.
With a title like "Kung Fu Panda," you would expect a lot of martial arts fighting, but this kids' movie has a LOT of martial arts fighting. Characters spar, delivering strong blows that result in relatively minor and brief injury. The movie also contains other types of physical comedy where injury without real consequence is the focus of the joke. Older kids will get that it is all make believe, but little ones may decide that kung fu looks like a fun thing to practice on anyone, anywhere. It is also important to note that weapons such as throwing stars, swords, and archery bows are shown or used in a few scenes.
While the fighting is broken up by a lot of comedy, small children may be frightened by Tai Lung. He is portrayed as diabolical and mean, and his prison break has him besting a legion of gruff rhino guards despite their armor and weapons. Some children may also be disturbed by the peaceful passing of one character and another character who looks to have been killed by Tai Lung but turns out to be fine.
Characters in the movie talk quite a bit about fighting, and use threatening words as they spar. Some characters also make fun of Po and insult him due to his large size. At one point in the movie, Po laments about how much he "sucks" as a kung fu fighter, but the moral point of the story is that he must learn to look within himself to find his own greatness.

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