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Doraemon Nobita And The New Steel Troops Angel Wings 2011 Urdu Hindi Free Download

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Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops: Angel Wings (2011)

"Eiga Doraemon Shin Nobita to tetsujin heidan: Habatake tenshitachi" (original title)

 |  Animation  |  5 March 2011 (Japan)
Ratings: 6.8/10 from 165 users  
Reviews: 3 user | 1 critic
Far away from Earth, in a planet called Mechatopia, a professor was creating two humanoid robots as to start a new civilization...
Yukiyo Teramoto
Fujio F. Fujiko (comic book and characters), Higashi Shimizu (screenplay)
Masaharu FukuyamaYumi KakazuKôji Katô    
FAR AWAY from Earth, in a planet called Mechatopia, a professor was creating two humanoid robots as to start a new civilization. Nevertheless, the two robots' descendents grew greedy and wanted to conquer Earth, in order to enslave humans and turned them into slaves. They sent Lilulu, the only humanoid robot at that time (taking on the appearance of a girl instead of the others those looked more like insects), forward as a spy to study the targets for their conquest.

On Earth, Nobita, who annoyed Doraemon when asking for a robot like the one Suneo had, which consequently added up to Doraemon's previous disturbance of hot weather, causing Doraemon to go to the North Pole to cool down. Nobita waited for a while before going after Doraemon, where he accidentally found a bowling-ball-like object that was sending signals to transfer a strange and mysterious solid object to the surface, which Nobita also accidentally brought home with him, along with the ball that traveled on its own. The ball directed the transferred solid components to Nobita's backyard, by which he soon figured out those were the components to build a giant robot. He first thought it was a gift from Doraemon, but Doraemon soon returned and rejected his idea. After a moment arguing, Doraemon and Nobita decided to build the robot, with Nobita promising to return the robot to any reasonable owner if they could find out who it was. In order to have free space keeping the robot, they sent the parts to the mirror world and started building there. Meanwhile, the ball, which turned out to be the robot's brain, was damaged when Nobita's mother stepped on it and angrily locked it in the small warehouse in the backyard. While fixing itself, it communicated with Lilulu and told her where it was, also revealing that Nobita was responsible of its missing and false landing destination of the components.

After a day and a half, Nobita and Doraemon finished constructing the robot, naming it Danda Claus and started having fun with it, calling Shizuka to join them. As Shizuka pressed a button that activated the robot's massive-destruction weapon, causing a building to be completely destroyed. Being aware of the robot's extraterrestrial origin, they were afraid if the robot was a weapon sent to Earth by aliens to serve their negative purposes. The three ultimately decided to abandon the robot in the mirror world, and vowed to keep it as a secret between them.

The next day, Jaian and Suneo picked up on Nobita as they thought Nobita was bluffing about the giant robot, as Lilulu came and saved Nobita from his cranky friends. They went to Nobita's home and Lilulu revealed her true intention was to search for her robot, begging Nobita to help her. Nobita reluctantly opened the mirror world and showed her the robot, whose real name was Judo, but they couldn't find the brain. Lilulu eventually accepted to use the Electromagnetism Controller to temporarily control the robot until the brain was found.

Nobita gradually became worried about Lilulu as he made a reluctant promise with her, making him unstable for the day and which caused Doraemon's attention. At night, Nobita saw two shooting stars landing at the same place, causing him to furiously follow, only to find the mirror world entrance. Doraemon secretly followed Nobita and told him that they should find out the truth about Lilulu and her intention. They followed one of the robot labor and found out that a part of the city in the mirror world had been replaced by a robot's station. Using the Wireless Telephone, they got wind of this station was actually a base camp, which Lilulu was in charge to build for the Robot Army's (Steel Troops) arrival. They tried to get away, and Lilulu and Danda Claus, while attempting to widen the mirror world entrance, causing a massive explosion that buried both of them.

By the morning, Doraemon and Nobita found the brain of Danda Claus, which, using Translation Konjak, they were told by the brain that the Robot Army were warping to arrive in Earth in no time. Failed to gain people's trust on this conquest of the robot, Nobita and Doraemon came to tell Jaian and Suneo, which finally succeeded to convince them. The four tried to talk it over with the brain, trying to befriend with it so they could perhaps exploit something about the Robot Army. However, at the first moment, they couldn't discuss it calmly, proceeding to Doraemon to use his Talk Box to change the shape of the ball into a cuddly chick, dubbed "Pippo" by Nobita. Yet, even though Judo had changed their appearance, his thoughts were still the same. Getting into noisy verbal fights, they enraged Nobita's mother who therefore kicked them out of the house for the day.

After hearing a song of Jaian which Pippo considered terrible, Pippo showed them his wonderful singing, making him more friendly to Nobita and his friends. In order to find Lilulu and his body, Pippo tricked Nobita to bring him into the mirror world, where they were attacked by some robots, with Doraemon, Jaian and Suneo captured by the robots and were brought back to base, whereas Nobita and Pippo managed to survive the robots' offenses. Pippo suddenly found that Nobita was trying to help his friends, just like Lilulu had saved Pippo from being broken earlier in Mechatopia. Seeing this likeness, Pippo agreed to help Nobita rescuing his friends by using his body to distract the robots in the base.

After saving Doraemon, Jaian and Suneo, Pippo continued to look for Lilulu, by the time Nobita's group acknowledged the soon arrival of the Robot Army and planned to trick them. Shizuka, who discovered that her bathtub was used as the entrance to the mirror world after the original entrance was destroyed by Danda Claus. She entered and found Lilulu being majorly injured and buried in rocks. Shizuka also noticed the wounds that revealed Lilulu to be a robot. She brought Lilulu home, where Shizuka was attacked and nearly killed by a robot labor, yet Nobita arrived just on time and shot it down. Nobita's group decided to cure Lilulu, which again acted on Pippo's emotions. This proceeded even more when Pippo joined a barbecue with Nobita's group, making him to see that humans weren't really inferior to robots as he and other robots thought. He left as the party was about to end, sitting alone to think.

Lilulu, though being cured and cared by Shizuka, still kept her hostility toward humans, and injured Shizuka after telling Shizuka the history of Mechatopia and the reason to enslave humans to be source of labors, making Shizuka to state that robots were imitating humans. Shizuka went mad, but soon chilled and fixed the damaged part of Lilulu during the shot. Pippo, meanwhile, had a quick thought with Lilulu, as he told her that humans and robots were so much alike. Lilulu, though convinced for Shizuka having "no reason" to save her, closed her heart communication line with Pippo.

By the next morning, Doraemon summoned everyone in the group and spread his idea, in which he intended to lure the whole Robot Army into the mirror world so they could be trapped, fighting nothing but the Advanced Echo Mountains, one of Doraemon's gadgets that could reflects lights, sounds and winds from the attacks, thus making the robots to believe that humans were counterattacking. Nevertheless, they soon found Lilulu missing, which she had escaped and attempting to tell the Supreme Commander of the Robot Army that they were being tricked. Nobita and the others spread out to search for Lilulu, where Nobita sent her at gun point when she stubbornly denied to go back with him. However, he couldn't shoot. Lilulu called him a coward before shooting her energy beam. Pippo, who had acquired an ultimate sympathetic feeling to humans, jumped in front of the beam and got stunt, losing conscious. His action gave Lilulu a wake-up call, later making her to keep secret about the mirror world. The Robot Supreme Commander ordered to execute Lilulu, but Nobita and Doraemon reunited the group and brought Danda Claus to the Robot station and rescued Lilulu. After that, Nobita stated that Lilulu was now their ally, but Lilulu rejected it, for the reason that she couldn't fight her homeland. She volunteered to be shrunk and locked inside Shizuka's bird cage, preventing any of her original malevolent attempts.

Meanwhile, the robots detected that the terrain was reversed comparing from the data they received in Mechatopia, acknowledging that they had been tricked into a fake, smartly crafted world. The whole Army hence headed straight to the lake which they entered before, as the Supreme Commander believed that it was the entrance into this fake world. Lacking of any other tricks to intercept the Robot Army, Nobita and the others decided to tackle the robots right at the lake, Pippo voluntarily supported them. Shizuka stayed back at the house with Lilulu. Lilulu, who still believed that robots were the creation of God, and wondered if God had made a mistake when creating her ancestors and wished to go to the past to complain to God. Shizuka figured out an idea and they returned to the real world, using Doraemon's time machine to return to Mechatopia 30,000 years ago. Arriving in a unexploited planet, they met an old scientist, who had time-traveled and created Amu and Emu, the first two robots of a brand new civilization. He thought that giving them a little bit more of "the instinct of competition" would facilitate the robot's development, yet it also motivated them a little bit too much, hence making their descendents more greedy. He, though being decrepit, decided to remodel the robots, intending to raise them a heart that could care for others. However, as he was too weak, Lilulu asked the professor for instruction and continued the job of remodeling, and although she would disappear, but she would readily do that to make Mechatopia a real Heaven. Pippo sought this and tried his best to fight in order to help protecting Nobita and the others.

Back on Earth, in the mirror world, the Robot Army commenced attack. Nobita's group also started the battle, and with help of Pippo, they managed to overwhelm the robots at the first while. Unfortunately, the Supreme Commander was enraged and wanted to wipe Pippo out using the battleship.

In Mechatopia, Lilulu was only one step away from completing the remodeling, but the professor died before he could provide her further instructions. She was worried as she didn't know what to do next, until she saw Shizuka's crying, thus figuring out that she just needed to plant the feeling that she  experienced with Nobita and his friends.

At that while, Pippo was taking the risk to destroy the battleship by exploding it, consequently causing him to be heavily damaged during the massive blast. Without Pippo's power, Nobita's group lost their superiority and began to be endangered when the robots were reinforced and was about to attack all at once. Yet, just by that moment, Lilulu completed her job, erasing all of the Robot Army. She and Pippo disappeared as well, but rather slowly with Nobita and the others sorrows.

After the event, Nobita once again stayed back at school to recall the memories of what had happened. He suddenly heard the singing of Pippo again, and as he looked up, he saw a shadow passing by, a shadow where he saw Lilulu and Pippo. They soared to the sky and laughed. Nobita was cheered as Lilulu and Pippo had been reborn, running to baseball field with his friends to inform them about this.

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