Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shin Chan Movie The Spy 2013 Urdu Free Download Torrent

 Genre : Animation
Audio : Hindi Dubbed Movie
Format : Matroska (.mkv)
Quality : HDRip | 720x400
File Size : 375mb


About 20 years ago, Gourmet-poy was taught table manners by his father Papa-poy. His mother Mama-poy always kept an eye on her son. He pointed his knife and fork upwards while eating, and not parallel. So Papa-poy was angry about Gourmet-poy's bad manner. The next day, his family went to downtown. His parents were chatting with someone. Gourmet-poy found Ken's yakisoba stand, and went close to it. Ken noticed that Gourmet-poy is watching him cooking yakisoba. Ken said, "Will you try to taste yakisoba? Just now I cooked." Gourmet-poy was hesitant about what to do, because it didn't look like A-class food but was so delicious. Meanwhile, his parents came. His father said, "It's such a dirty food. I don't think I will eat one. Please don't disappoint me anymore!" Gourmet-poy doesn't eat yak



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